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Dr. Juan Ulloa, DDS
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Implant & Maxillofacial Surgical Center

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The injuries I sustained from an accident left me missing some of the bone in my jaw. My mother and I spoke to Dr. Ulloa, who offered an approach that was both clear and concise. Obviously, due to the nature of my injury, I was nervous. However, Dr. Ulloa has a positivity that made me feel as if I was going to heal faster and get better with his help.

I appreciate his honesty and the way he explains exactly what he is going to be doing during each procedure. He has the ability to describe things in a way that makes me feel comfortable.

Thanks to Dr. Ulloa, the pain I had been experiencing in my jaw has now gone away. He has also helped with the process of re-growing bone, allowing for the reconstruction of my jaw and dental work to allow me the ability to properly chew food again.

Without Dr. Ulloa I know I would not be where I am at right now. He is more than a healthcare provider to his patients, he is a friend.

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